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Glass Industry (Poco Graphite)

POCO’s graphites are high strength, isotropic materials with a uniform microstructure. POCO produces a full range of graphite grades designed for specific applications along the glass production line.

Glassmate (GM)

This material has high strength and durability for applications with high wear. An exceptional insert material for precision thread pick up and long production runs.

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Glass Forming Lubricants

Glass Industry

Renite Lubricants for I.S. Machines & Pressware Operations.

Renite’s oil and graphite lubricants mainly use the oil as a carrier for the graphite which remains after the oils vaporize and burn off, providing solid lubrication

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CIEMEX is a 100% Mexican company established on June 27th, 1960.
Since 1960 CIEMEX has developed best products of the industry and today we have 3 manufacturing plants in México state and 3 warehouses of finished product, thereby ensuring the best delivery time on the market in Mexico and abroad.

Our products are used in over 20 countries worldwide.

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Fluorital – Varnishes & Inks for Glass Products

The main glass sector in which we operate are perfumery, table-ware, food packaging, manufactured items, lighting glass, and flat glass specific for furniture and interiors.

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supplies a wide range of refractory products to the glass market : bricks, plates, bottom blocks and special shapes.

Products range from 1 kg orifice ring to a 1000 kg working end cover block.

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Valpolymer is a family company, extabilished in 1924 by grandfather Francesco, initially as a producers of buttons for garment industry, based on natural and plastic polymeric materials, from 1969 PU Shoe soles. During these last few years, our company has grown not only in terms of income, but has also improved our own awareness of available technologies in order to give our customer the best products for safety and environmental care.

Light filled polyurethane with low thermal expansion, excellent surface finishing. CNC machinable.

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Miradur Products

Industrial Application Services

Construction Strengthening Series

Civil Bonding Series

Mould Resin Series

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Global Specialty Lubricant

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MEW Glass Shear Blade

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